2017 RIMS共同研究(グループ型)(旧称 RIMS共同研究)

Mathematics of tilings and quasi-periodic systems
部屋:110  期間:2017-10-16〜2017-10-18
代表者:山岸 義和(龍谷大学理工学部)

Information Note (PDF)

RIMS ( Room 110, Kyoto University )

Monday, 16 October

Ma. Louise Antonette N. De Las Penas (Ateneo de Manila University)
On Isohedral Isocoronal Tilings

Yoshitaro Tanaka (Hokkaido University)
Mathematical analysis for understanding the mechanism of phyllotactic formation

Toshio Sekimura (Chubu University)
What is color pattern in butterfly wings?

Toshio Sekimura (Chubu University)
Models of color pattern formation in butterfly wings

Tuesday, 17 October

Teruhisa Sugimoto (ISTA)
Convex pentagon tilings and heptiamonds

Ikuro Sato (Miyagi Cancer Center)
Crystallographic phase transition in generalized dimensions between
Sommerville crystal and Boerdijk-Coxeter non-crystal

Isao Nakai (Ochanomizu University)
Introduction to WEB geometry

Agatha Kristel Mosqueda Abila (Southern Luzon State University)
Local and Global Color Symmetries of Tilings

Kazunori Horibe (HMMRC)
From sangaku problems to mathematical beading

Qinghui Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology)
On dimension of spectrum of Schrodinger operator with periodic doubling potential

Wednesday, 18 October

Mark Loyola (Ateneo de Manila University)
Symmetry groups of toroidal tilings

Masamichi Yoshida (Osaka City University)
Irrational rotation, Denjoy homeomorphism and their odometer representations

Takuro Uezono (Ryukoku University), Takamichi Sushida (Hokkaido University),
Yoshikazu Yamagishi (Ryukoku University)
Circle packings and Voronoi tilings on logarithmic spiral lattices with rotational symmetry


Oct. 2017